Industrial vibration control & Signal processing

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Principles of vibration

  • Complete review of basics

  • Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS value

  • Crest factor, Kurtosis, Skewness

  • Vibration units and Conversions

Data acquisition

  • Transducer types: Non-contact displacement proximity probes, velocity sensors, and accelerometers

  • Transducer selection

  • Transducer mounting and natural frequency

  • Measurement point selection

Signal processing

  • Filters: Low pass, band pass, high pass, band stop

  • Sampling, aliasing, dynamic range

  • Resolution, Fmax, data collection time

  • Averaging: linear, exponential, peak hold,

  • Windowing and leakage

 Vibration control

  • Principles behind vibration control

  • Vibration isolation mounts

  • Rubber air springs

  • Anti-vibration sheets

  • Tuned mass dampers

  • Active vibration control

  • Eddy current dampers

  • Liquid column dampers

   Experimental demos (Developed by TIERA)

  1. Spring mass system with eddy current damping

  2. Tuned mass damper simulation

  3. Liquid column damper experiment

  4. Demo of Vibration isolation mounts, Rubber air springs, Anti-vibration sheets

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