Finite Element Programing

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  • What is FEM? : Non mathematical approach
  •  Explains the concept of mesh convergence, element, nodes, order of interpolation , shape etc with some History
  •  Discrete Vs Continuous, Space Vs Time
  • Boundary value problem Vs Initial Value problem
  • Basic MATRICES in FEM: Mass, Stiffness, Damping, Load
  • The DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION with Boundary conditions
  •  Statics Vs Dynamics
  • The one and only “ SPRING MASS DAMPER SYSTEM”
  • Introduction to GNU-OCTAVE and a simple example of spring mass vibration and deflection
  • Simple Bar problem: Strength of Material approach Vs FEM
    o Derivation of shape function, mass, stiffness, force, Transformation matrices.
  • Simple beam: Shear force and Bending Moment (simulation only) and comparison with SM results
  •  2D Plate with a hole (simulation only)
  • Introduction to nonlinear analysis
  • Ex: Nonlinear vibration: Aero-elastic flutter

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