Condition monitoring & Machinery Fault diagnosis

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Principles of vibration

  • Complete review of basics

  • Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS value

  • Beating, Amplitude modulation

  • Frequency modulation, impacting, clipping, nonlinear vibration

  • Understanding absolute and relative phase

Understanding forcing frequencies

  • Orders, Sub-synchronous, synchronous and non-synchronous

  • Gear mesh and Blade pass frequencies

  • Electrical frequencies

  • Belt rate

Signal processing

  • Filters: Low pass, band pass, high pass, band stop

  • Sampling, aliasing, dynamic range

  • Resolution, Fmax, data collection time

  • Averaging: linear, exponential, peak hold, TSA, Overlap averaging

  • Windowing and leakage

Fault diagnosis

  • Unbalance in rotors

  • Misalignment and soft foot detection

  • Looseness detection

  • Resonance detection

  • Bearing faults

   Experimental demos (Developed by TIERA)

  1. Crack, Unbalance and looseness simulator

  2. Order analysis

  3. Modal test on a multi rotor system

  4. Unbalance and misalignment simulator

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